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GSCS SystaiNet® is a proprietary, secure, Web-based supply chain management tool, designed to dynamically manage customer configurations, Bill of Materials (BOM), schedules, multi-location inventories and provide real-time dashboards and reports.

SystaiNet® delivers end-to-end supply chain visibility through eight application modules each uniquely focused on managing your BOMs, Parts, Schedule, Inventory, Procurement, and Quotes.




BOM Converter
BOM converter seamlessly maps BOMs in any Excel format from any system into SystaiNet®.  Users have a simple interface to take their internally generated BOM and put it into an industry standard format to be shared consistently across the supply chain. 


AML Creator
AML Creator assigns manufacturer part numbers to customer part numbers for new BOMs.  It provides automatic mapping of manufacturer part numbers to customer part numbers the instant the BOM is uploaded.  If the manufacturer part number is new, AML Creator facilitates the assignment based on form, fit, or function criteria.


BOM Manager
BOM Manager is a complete repository of Bill of Materials information for customer programs. In addition to the BOM data it contains the component-level specification sheets, maintains revision history, and automatically documents revision changes. Additionally, users can effortlessly generate sophisticated reports such as common components across multiple BOMs, component and product availability status, and more.


Parts Manager
Parts Manager is a massive database of over 100 million components, with detailed technical, product and user information. Users can perform simple and complex searches to view manufacturing sources, lifecycle predictions, recommended component solutions, and technical specifications to optimize their product design.


Schedule Manager
Schedule Manager integrates production orders/multi-assembly schedules into SystaiNet®. Users have instant visibility of clear-to-build status and pipeline availability. 


Inventory Manager
Inventory Manager is a powerful storehouse of inventory data at each of the manufacturing facilities. It provides real-time inventory status and build capabilities across an entire customer program. It ensures product availability while optimizing material spends over multiple assemblies.


Procurement Manager
Procurement Manager provides up-to-date procurement information and status at component and program levels. Users can access complete procurement history including supplier details, pricing, purchase order numbers and shipment tracking information, thus gaining transparency into the materials procurement process.


Quote Manager
Quote Manager enables efficient execution of component level quotes across several suppliers simultaneously.  Identifying the cost drivers is seamless by leveraging historical quote and purchasing cost information.  The quote dashboard provides a real-time supplier status of the quote.

Customers enjoy unparalleled benefits and enhanced capabilities through SystaiNet®. These include:

  • Seamless management of material across multiple manufacturing sites
  • Dynamically manage BOM, configurations and schedules to meet demand changes on the fly
  • Realize end-to-end inventory visibility and confidently fulfill production commitments
  • Access accurate real-time data, executive dashboards and tracking information for informed decision-making
  • Obtain procurement history, lookup and rapid quotes to speed production decisions
  • Exploit robust production planning tools to better plan, manage and control materials logistics