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Global Supply Chain Solutions Certified Supplier Program

Global Supply Chain Solutions Certified Supplier Program guarantees the origin, quality and conformance of the materials supplied under its Managed Materials Solutions. Buyers can be confident that all materials supplied by GSCS meet the industry standards and specifications, undergo appropriate levels of testing, and are backed by superb customer service.

Suppliers of electronic components, cable assemblies, sheet metal and castings, plastics, enclosures, and hardware undergo a rigorous selection process and are rated on multiple criteria before becoming certified suppliers. All suppliers are reassessed annually to maintain the certified status.

Program Highlights

  Approved Components. In addition to the quality electronic components, GSCS customers are assured of competitive pricing, guaranteed on-time delivery, maximize capacity utilization, and benefit from strong relationships with manufacturers, franchised and independent distributors
  Certified Mechanicals. All certified mechanical suppliers possess extensive quality and manufacturing capabilities like first article inspection process, capacity and capability analyses, Lean and Six Sigma, variability reduction programs, and more
  Custom Fabrications. Our certified suppliers for custom fabrications are proficient in procurement specifications and drawings, and are selected for their quality standards, OSHA conformance and ethical conduct, green manufacturing, and other programs
  GSCS Dedicated Support. GSCS ensures that its certified suppliers have technical and design expertise, in-house manufacturing and quality specialists, special process capabilities, inventory, logistics and risk management, standardized reports and more

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