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partner program

GSCS works through a network of partners to develop mutually beneficial relationships.  We embrace the collaborative advantage to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers..

GSCS offers unmatched benefits to our customers through our comprehensive partner program. Including:

  Exclusive sourcing network for electronic components, PCBs, plastics, metals, cables and circuit card assemblies.
  Competitive materials/ manufacturing costs that reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).
  Strategic support of customer projects with innovative solutions, which accelerate time to market.
  Faster response to market changes, positively impacting revenue.
  Flexible suite of business models for small, medium and high-volumes, both domestic and international.
  And much more…

Contact our business development team today to learn more about joining our team!

GSCS Partners include:

Arrow Electronics
Digikey Corporation

Future Electronics
TTI Electronics

NU Horizons Electronics