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Managed materials Solution

Global Supply Chain Solutions Managed Materials Solution plans, sources, maintains and delivers materials to the customer’s manufacturing sites – when, where, and at the right price. Materials sourced include all electronic components, cable assemblies, sheet metal castings, plastics, enclosures and hardware.

GSCS takes away the burden of materials management while restoring supply chain control and flexibility to the OEM. The benefits of our Managed Materials Solution are:

  • Simplified materials procurement and management
  • Leverage and capitalize on the core expertise of OEM, EMS and GSCS
  • Increase visibility into your supply chain with SystaiNet™
  • Improve synergies between OEM, suppliers and multiple EMS locations

Transform your materials management in 3 easy steps!

Material Management
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Menara Case Studies

Menara engaged GSCS to streamline their supply chain. The results allowed Menara to quickly enjoy the benefits; materials management and inventory control improved with 24/7 supply chain visibility through SystaiNet TM; component costs were reduced through large volume purchasing; Menara’s ability to scale and speed to market enhanced; seamless execution across multiple Contract Manufacturers; high levels of quality control and accuracy maintained. Read More