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About Us

Global Supply Chain Solutions, LLC was founded in 2000, at a time when there was a major shift in the Electronics Industry from complete outsourced turnkey production to a centralized supply chain model. This shift helped OEMs and CMs regain control of their materials, inventory and costs; however, this migration was limited to large Fortune 50 companies as smaller companies didn’t have the infrastructure and buying power to replicate these processes.

GSCS saw a unique opportunity to create a more effective way to manage the component supply chain. GSCS created a materials management solution for OEM and Contract Manufacturers with a winning combination of people and technology.

From the very start, GSCS sought to address and resolve three specific, top-of-mind customer issues:

  • Rapid response to ever-changing market conditions with flexible inventory and manufacturing capabilities
  • Continual reduction of material costs, improvement of margins and enhanced internal processes
  • Superior supply chain transparency with accurate information to support executive decision making

The Global Supply Chain Solutions Advantage

GSCS delivers unsurpassed value to its customers through its offerings:

  A complete materials management suite of managed materials solutions for start ups, fast growth companies and high volume production
  SystaiNet®, a proprietary Web-based tool for end-to-end supply chain visibility and information
  Sourcing and services from certified component manufacturers, US and global suppliers, distributors and production houses
  Seamless transitions and smooth interfaces with customers, production houses and third party manufacturers
  Strong referencible customer base and track record
  Professional, committed and responsive customer support team